Why Ruto's Aide de Camp Wears Green Beret & Not White Uniform 

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  • President William Ruto's new aide-de-camp, Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga, dons a brown uniform from the white synonymous with his predecessor, Timothy Lekolool. 

    Col. Lengusuranga also wears a green beret, while his deputy Lieutenant Colonel Damaris Agnetta wears a brown uniform and a black police hat with a red stripe and a badge at the centre. The hat also has a gold stripe.

    The duo are both from the Kenya Army and were chosen to replace Brigadier Timothy Lekolool and his deputy Colonel Racheal Nduta Kamui, from the Kenya Navy.

    White is the predominant colour of the Navy while Kenya Army wears Jungle Camouflage, mostly sage green with an olive undertone.  

    File photo of Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga new Aide De Camp

    Image of new Aide De Camp Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.


    Colonel Lengusuranga was picked from Kenya Army's Special Operations Regiment, as seen from his green beret. 

    The special force of the Kenya Army is tasked with airborne operations, commando raids, reconnaissance (investigations), counter-insurgency (use all nation's power), and infiltration, among other specialized forms of warfare.

    The special force, which has its headquarters in Gilgil Naivasha, consists of the 20th Parachute Battalion, 30th Special Forces, and 40th Rangers Strike Force.

    They undergo training at the Special Operations Training School (SOTS) in Naivasha.

    Okoa Maisha in the Mt Elgon District and Operation Linda Nchi are some of the major operations carried out by the special unit.

    Notably, Lengusuranga ranks below his predecessor Lekolool who was promoted to Brigadier and redeployed to the Department of Defence (DOD). 

    A Brigadier must have served 12 years and excelled in the service. They are tasked to manage brigades and battalions. The badge of a brigadier has three squares and the coat of arms.

    On the other hand, one must be trained in Defence Staff College to be ranked as a Colonel. They serve as staff in KDF with a badge that has two squares and the coat of arms too. 

    Meanwhile, the Lieutenant is in charge of up to 600 troops, and the badge has only one square and the coat of arms.

    Lengusuranga and Agnetta will accompany the head of state to functions, open his car door and carry his personal items, among other duties. 

    President William Ruto's aide-de-camp Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga (right) and his deputy Lieutenant Colonel Damaris Agnetta

    President William Ruto's aide-de-camp Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga (right) and his deputy Lieutenant Colonel Damaris Agnetta


Source : Kenyans.co.ke