Where's He Now? Thriving Career of Uhuru's Adopted Son Otonglo

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  • Former President Uhuru Kenyatta's adopted son, Daniel Owira, commonly known as Otonglo for his Otonglo Time performance in 2013, is now a fully-fledged man with a thriving career in the multimedia industry. 

    After his adoption by the then president, Owira completed his high school education at Highway Secondary School joining Multimedia University 

    He graduated from Multimedia University in 2019 with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies; Film and Animation.

    After completing his University education, the comedian and entertainer then joined Oakwood Brand Consulting for his Internship in March 2020.


    Daniel Owira of the Otonglo Time fame (centre) poses for a photo with Ngina Kenyatta (second right) and other students sponsored by the Kenyatta Trust Foundation

    Kenyatta Trust Foundation

    Speaking during an episode of The Wicked Edition on August 2020, Owira stated that he was focusing on digital marketing at the company - a department that had been his passion. 

    During his time in school, he made a cameo appearance on Citizen TV's Inspector Mwala and bagged gigs with top supermarkets and a telecommunication company in Kenya.

    So good was the income at the time that he admitted to almost dropping out of school because he felt comfortable. 

    "I told my mentor that I was comfortable with where I was in life and that I didn't need any more education.

    "I was handed over to the Kenyatta Trust and at that time, I was still engulfed by the fame but they helped me adjust. They told me 'here you are not a celebrity, we want to make you a better person'," Owira stated.  

    His career trajectory was still going steady and in January 2021, he joined the President's Delivery Unit (PDU) under the Executive Office of the President as an Intern.

    The comedian served under the office of the president until former President Uhuru Kenyatta handed over power in August 2022.

    A month later, Owira secured a job at Opejo Photography where he serves a Communication Professional where he continues to grow his career as a multimedia journalist.

    Ruto's Adoption

    In September 2015, President William Ruto, who served as the Deputy President at the time, adopted Nadia Cherono and named her after his own mother, Cherono.

    Ruto was touched by the story of Nadia who had been abandoned as a newborn.

    Cherono was last seen in public during the announcement of the August 2022 elections when she walked into Bomas of Kenya holding hands with First Lady Rachel Ruto.

    A collage photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Daniel Owira

    A collage photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Daniel Owira


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