We'll secure the sky during Safari Rally, KCAA assures

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The skies above areas covering the 2022 World Rally Championship in Naivasha will be kept safe and secure throughout the event, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has said.

The KCAA said the move is aimed at ensuring smooth operations during the Safari Rally which starts on Thursday until Sunday, June 23.

“KCAA has a dedicated Air Traffic Control and Flight Information Service Desk at the WRC Safari Rally service park manned by three well-versed Air Traffic Controllers," KCAA Director General Emile Arao said.

The air surveillance procedures have been developed in coordination with the rally organizers. 

The team will also coordinate VIP movement as well as provide alerting services to flights engaged in the rally.

In addition, the team will be responsible for medical evacuations and expeditious facilitation of aircraft in distress, in case of any, in association with the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC).

"We have also promulgated a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) that establishes a temporary restricted area and developed operating procedures in conjunction with rally organizers which will remain in force till Sunday, Arao said.

He said several aircraft will be engaged in ferrying VIPs, journalists covering the rally and medical evacuation teams among others.

“Members of the public are urged to keep a safe distance from aircraft that are taking off or landing during this period,” Arao said.

Source : The Star