Supreme Court says Senators have powers to summon Governors

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NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 7 – The Senate battle to oversight expenditure at the county level has received a major boost after the Supreme Court ruled the legislators have the power to summon and question governors on the expenditure of funds received from the national government and local taxation.

The apex judges led by Chief Justice Martha Koome declared that the Senate has powers to summon County Governors to answer any questions or provide any requisite information in the performance of its oversight role over County revenue.

The seven-judge bench stated that the Senate’s oversight authority is not limited to nationally allocated revenue but extends to locally generated revenue by the Counties.

“By the same token, if the Senate is of the view that the questions to be answered or information to be provided do not need the personal input of the Governor, it may restrict its summons to the relevant County official or Executive Committee,” it indicated.

The Council of governors had argued that the oversight authority of senators was only limited to national revenue not locally generated revenue.

The apex court also held that the County Assemblies have the power of first tier oversight over County Government revenue, whether nationally allocated or locally generated.

The court also reiterated that in appearing before Senate, there is nothing to stop a governor from going with his or her technical team from the country executive.

Source : Capital FM