Ogilvy’s New Platform to Give Nano and Micro-Influencers a Seat at the Big Table

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Vikas Mehta, CEO Ogilvy Africa - Ogilvy InfluenceOVikas Mehta, CEO Ogilvy Africa - Ogilvy InfluenceO

Influencer marketing has been the fastest-growing digital customer acquisition channel in recent years. The creator economy is a multi-billion dollar market but the playing field has been uneven, especially for nano and Micro-influencers.

This is where Ogilvy’s new platform wants to come through and solve this pain point. The new platform called InfluenceO wants to bridge the gap between the nano and Micro influencers and clients who wouldn’t have known about them through traditional means.

The platform’s features include audience mapping, influence strategy, partnership evaluation, Influencer identification, database management, talent management, contract management, platform activation solutions, media strategy and activation, global and regional tool kitting, measurement, and evaluation.

The whole system architecture involves Ogilvy’s world-class and creative capabilities, supplemented by AI to remove barriers to discover the unfound or enter new markets, integrated with media buying and PR amplification. It also offers best-in-class legal and financial processes. The platform also offers the most effective measurement for both creators and clients.

It’s worth noting that costs are aggregated and reduced across the stack.

The signup process is easy as you create your profile on the platform so that the algorithm can match your talent with a client’s needs. The algorithm looks at their audience, true reach, topics, engagement, location, brand portfolio, and potential risk factors. The platform wants to partner the right influencers with clients who meet the brand’s values and strategy thus ensuring an authentic connection.

Besides getting engagement metrics, brands get more insights like conversation rates and long-term changes in brand sentiment.

InfluenceO is transparent as both client and influencer have a centralized dashboard to manage campaigns, track deliverables, review content drafts, and most importantly negotiate terms.

Signing up as a creator, especially micro or nano-influencers exposes you to some of Ogilvy’s clients who are already on board with InfluenceO like Airtel, CocaCola, Diageo, Equity Bank, Unilever, NCBA, Kenya Airways, Total, and others.

“With InfluenceO, we hope to unleash the vast potential of this continent’s content and influence landscape,” said Vikas Mehta, CEO Ogilvy Africa.

Source : Techweez