CS Kindiki Issues Orders on DJ Fatxo, Jeff Mwathi Death Case

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  • Interior Cabinet Secretary KIthure Kindiki on Friday, March 10 directed the Director of Criminal Investigation, Amin Mohamed, to send a homicide team to investigate Jeff Mwathi's death case involving popular Mugithi artist Dj Faxto.

    "On the matter of the late Jeff Mwathi, I have spoken to the DCI Mr. Amin this morning and instructed him to send a homicide team from the DCI headquarters to thoroughly investigate the incident and take the necessary action," Kindiki announced.

    He went on to acknowledge the DCI's fast action in the matter that has caused an online uproar.

    "I thank the DCI for his quick action on this matter. The homicide team from the DCI headquarters is dispassionate, which will help resolve the claims of collusion at Kasarani Police Station where the matter was reported," he added.

    Jeff Mwathi was reported to have jumped from the house of the popular vernacular DJ.

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Source : Kenyans.co.ke